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Licensing Faq's For Tea Outlets

Do extensive research and educate yourself about the tea business. 

Seek professional advice from tea business insiders.

Look into the amount of investment you are planning.

Make a list of why you want to get into the tea business. List down the challenges you see in the tea business.

Decide on what scale you are planning to operate. This includes the type of outlet and drink/food options you want to start with.

Decide on which geographical area you want to operate in. Do a thorough research of the existing tea peers in the location finalized to start operations.

Fill the following application form completely and attached the relevant documents.

Our team will go through your application in detail and get back to you in 5 working days. Meanwhile, go through the other important information on as below. 

01. Once the terms are agreed upon, the contract will be signed and registered.

02. You will make upfront payments as per the contract terms. 

03. Our contractors will visit the site for actual measurements.

04. We will share the architectural design for the outlet for discussion.

05. After the design is finalized the work will commence.

06. Near to the completion of the interiors we will impart the required training for tea making, accounting, and other SOPs

07. Upon setting up all appliances, devices such as POS system, and internet connectivity the work will be considered to be completed.

08. You will receive your first consignment of loose tea.

09. And you are all set for a launch.

10. Your marketing activities will commence.

Your outlet can be a Kiosk, Shop, Cafe, Resto or Mobile Food Carts/ Tempo / Trailer .

If you are serving only tea and light snacks you can operate from a small shop of size 5 sq.ft. x 5 sq.ft. or through a mobile food cart.

However the suggested sizes for ideal setup is as follows :

1. Kiosk / Takeaway Shop = Min 100-200 Sq.Ft.

2. Cafe / Walkin Shop = Min 200-300 Sq. Ft.

3. Resto = Min 500-600 Sq.Ft.

Its a difference segment for manufacturing and white labelling, not applicable to outlets.

Depend on the type of outlet, food items served and scale of operations.

Depend on the type of outlet, food items served and scale of operations.

Yes, depends on the type of outlet, food items served and scale of operations.

The cost of making and registering the contract documents has to be borne by you. Other costs such as the cost incurred on travelling of the contractors, our team members for training will be mentioned in the quotation shared with you.

Each sales has to bill through the Point Of Sales System setup by us. This will help us track the sales.

No, since you will be operating under our brand license, the setup has to be done in accordance with the brand guidelines.

For drinks, we will set the menu and you cannot sell anything else other than the set menu. For snacks, you can serve locally popular items. However once we have our own snacks menu we will accordingly advise.

Drinks primarily mean the range of Chai. But will also have seasonal drinks and locally popular drinks.

Yes, to maintain brand consistency the range of Chai and other drinks will be supplied by us at an appropriate cost.

You will have to comply with your local laws which primarily will include business registration, shop and establishment certificate, gumasta, fssai, structural and fire audit. 

Yes we have a dedicated marketing team that will promote your outlet digitally using social media platforms. However, it will be an additionally paid service depending on the scope and span of marketing.




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